On March 3, 2016, the Treynor Community was invited to an open meeting discuss the future of the Treynor Booster Club.  The following topics were on the agenda:

  1. Organizational structure of the Booster organization

  2. Communications of the Booster organization

  3. Fundraising activities of the Booster organization

At that meeting, attendees were allowed to discuss challenges with the current Booster organization.  A group of individuals in attendance volunteered to form a working committee to explore concepts for a new Booster Club.  The intention of the working group was to ensure that the Booster Club continues to serve the needs of students and coaches well into the future.  The working group explored the idea of reorganizing the Booster Club into an actual member-run club, independent of the school, that would qualify as a 501(c)(3) for tax purposes.  The working group met several times, along with the coaching staff and Athletic Director, Tim Navara.  Ultimately, a new structure was presented to the existing Booster Club leadership.  They voted 4-0 to move forward with the proposal to reorganize the Booster Club as the Treynor Community Athletic Booster Club.  
In order to register the Booster Club with the State of Iowa and apply for 501(c)(3) status, an Board of Directors was required.  An interim Board, consisting of some members from the working group and other members of our community, will serve a one year term until the 2016-2017 Booster Club membership can properly elect their own Board of Directors in Spring 2017. 
Treynor has a long history of success in all Student Activities.  We want that tradition to not only continue, but to grow even stronger.  The ultimate goal is to have a stronger Booster Club that can provide more resources to student athletes, as well as coaches, in order to make our programs stronger.  There were 18 programs served by the current Booster Club and those same 18 programs will continue to be served by the new Booster Club.  A list of the 18 programs supported can be found below.  Our desire would be to provide more resources to the programs, and ultimately try to reach a point where we are able to reduce or eliminate the need for the individual sports to fundraise for their own activities.

So, what will be different?  Many of the good efforts of the past Booster Club will remain in place.  We hope to build on the existing structure with these concepts: 

  • Membership: The new Booster Club will have a true club membership.  Members will be able to vote and elect their Board of Directors.  Membership will be available at several support levels with varying member benefits, but a financial donation will not be required for membership in the Booster Club.  Anyone who wishes to support Treynor’s athletic programs is welcome to join.

  • Transparency: Members will have access to more information on the types of items the Booster Club provides to our student athletes, as well as the items that are funded by the school.  We think it is important that if you are supporting the athletic programs, you have information about how Booster Club funds are supporting those programs. 

  • Opportunity for Change: The new Booster Club will focus on improving the things that are working well and are open to changing the things that may not be.  We will compare ourselves to our peers, talk to parents, members and coaches, and listen to the needs of the activities we serve.

These are just a few of the concepts that have been discussed and we expect the Booster Club will grow and evolve over time.  The mission is simple and clear: We are here to support and improve our school, our coaches and our student athletes.
We welcome you as members and look forward to your involvement in shaping our new Booster Club.  
Should you have any questions, concerns or feedback, do not hesitate to reach out to a member of the Interim Board.

Matt Minahan, President
Penny Jedlicka, Vice President
B. J. Dreyer, Treasurer
Jeff Schrage, Secretary
Tim Navara, Athletic Director
Dan Kinsella
Nancy Schrage
Nicholle Kalb
Trisha Schwartz
Jeremy Jorgenson
Cindy Chapman


The Treynor Community Athletic Booster Club, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, has been reorganized to be member-driven and led by a Board of Directors. The mission is to support and improve our school, our coaches and our student athletes. Anyone who wishes to support Treynor’s athletic programs is encouraged to join.

The 20 programs served by the Booster Club are:

  • Baseball 

  • Boys Basketball

  • Girls Basketball

  • Cheerleading (Wrestling, Basketball and Football)

  • Boys Cross-Country

  • Girls Cross-Country

  • Dance Team

  • Football

  • Boys Golf

  • Girls Golf 

  • Boys Soccer

  • Girls Soccer

  • Softball

  • Boys Track

  • Girls Track

  • Volleyball

  • Weight Room

  • Wrestling