Q & A

Q. Is there a Membership Fee to be a member of the Treynor Athletic Booster Club?

A. No! Membership to the Treynor Athletic Booster Club is absolutely free.  For those interested in donating financially to the Booster Club, we do have various Sponsorship levels that will help support our student athletes.  


Q. What do I get if I am a member of the Treynor Athletic Booster Club?

A. We have a lot of exciting ideas that we hope to provide to our members.  Many of those ideas are still being developed and we expect those to evolve and grow over time.  One of the things we really want is feedback.  This is a member driven organization.  As such, the goal is to provide things that are important to the members while keeping the overall goal of serving the student athletes at the forefront of our mission.  We hope to provide transparency on the activities of the Booster Club.  We hope to provide communication to the Members as to the various great things that are being done as part of the efforts of the Booster Club.  


Q. What do I have to do if I am a member of the Treynor Athletic Booster Club?

A. There are no service requirements in order to be a member of the Booster Club.  We may ask for volunteers from time to time but that is up to you and you can be as active as you wish in the activities of the Booster Club. 


Q. If I decide to donate, is my contribution tax deductible?

A. We currently have an application into the IRS to obtain 501(c)(3) status with the IRS. 


Q. Why does Treynor need an Athletic Booster Club?  Isn’t that why we pay taxes?

A. While the Treynor School does an excellent job providing for the needs of the student athletes, there are always additional needs in order to build and maintain high quality programs.  The goal of the Athletic Booster Club is to provide supplemental resources that enhance the experience and the opportunities of our student athletes.  


Q. It feels like we are always being asked by different groups for money.  Is this just one more group asking for money?

A. Through a series of meetings with coaches and various community members, there was a consistent level of desire for there to be fewer individual fundraising activities and a more centralized effort in providing for the needs of our programs.  The goal is that a strong Booster Club can serve to reduce the need for the various door to door fundraising efforts.


Q. How did the current Board get elected and why wasn’t I asked to be on the Board?

A. In order to get a new Booster Club formed, there were administrative items that needed to be put into place prior to soliciting new members to the club.  As such, a group of individuals within the community agreed to help get the Booster Club formed.  Those individuals are serving in a one year capacity until a membership base can elect the new Board.  The goal of this Club is to have a Member directed club that includes the election of the Board. 


Q. What happened to the old Booster Club?

A. As part of an effort initiated by the previous Booster Club, it was determined that a new Club should be formed in order to continue to serve the needs of our student athletes. 


Q. Do I have to have kids in sports (or high school sports?) to be a member?

A. No. Anyone who is interested in Treynor's athletic programs and/or athletes is welcome to join.


Q. Will there be regular meetings and do I have to attend?

A.We will have four meetings a year and would appreciate your participation but it is not a requirement.